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1. When can I check in?
You can embark from 9 am onwards. The boat must be returned, clean and in full working order, by 5 pm on the last day of your rental period. We can make different arrangements, in joint consultation and if this is feasible. You can then board the yacht the evening before your departure.

2. What should I bring?
There are no sheets, duvets or towels on board. You must provide a cover or protector for every mattress and pillow. We also recommend bringing kitchen towels.
Your shoes must have a sole that’s either white or light in colour. Dark soles leave dirty, black marks on the white deck, requiring vigorous cleaning upon your return.

3. What cooking utensils, household goods, basic equipment are already on board?
All the cooking utensils you need to prepare a simple meal. This includes pots and pans, a knife, a cutting board, a ladle... A gas oven and hob with three burners is also available.

4. Is the boat properly insured? What do you mean by my own risk?
The boat is insured against material damage, including for all (unintentional) damage that you cause. Your own risk is €1,000. This is also the amount of the security deposit you must pay before embarkation.

5. What happens in case of sickness or bad weather?
Sailing is an outdoor sport. When planning a trip, you must always factor in the weather and the elements. You may not leave port at wind speeds exceeding 22 knots. A rainy day or too much wind are not a reason for cancellation.

You can take out additional travel insurance, as you do for your vacation, to be insured against cancellation due to sickness. The policy conditions for this type of insurance will determine which reasons are valid reasons for cancellation. Naturally we believe in good relations and flexibility. Where possible, we will see whether we can schedule your sailing trip on another day.

6. I have never sailed before but I’d like to give it a try. Is this possible?
If you don’t have sailing certification, you can charter our yacht with a skipper. He will assist you from start to end and will give you the opportunity to sail the boat, under supervision, so you can get a taste of what it’s like to go sailing.

7. Do you also organise sail training?
No, but we can give you a short, basic introduction to sailing. We can recommend schools in Zeebrugge, Nieuwpoort or along the Oosterschelde for proper sail training.

8. Which other expenses do you charge?
The mooring fees in Breskens are included in our rates. The docking and mooring fees in other ports are not. We calculate your diesel consumption based on your engine hours. We also charge a small fixed price for the use of gas and equipment for weekend, midweek or weeklong trips.

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