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Legal aid insurance

Do you need help to defend your rights?
Do you wish to obtain legal advice? Legal aid insurance is a good solution for disputes that you are unable to resolve yourself.

You can use legal aid insurance to help you defend your interests. In addition to sailing risks, e.g., when you suffered damage due to someone else’s error, pleasure boating has also been known to give rise to contractual disputes.

Your legal aid insurance can cover the following expenses:

  • Appointing a (counter) expert for the technical assessment of a dispute;
  • Hiring a lawyer to assist you in the event of legal proceedings;
  • Recovering damages from a liable counterparty.

Given that legislation is becoming increasingly complex, the risk of legal disputes has also increased. That is why legal aid is a must rather than a luxury these days.

Huysman Yacht works with various specialised, independent providers of legal aid insurance. Such companies are not affiliated with other insurance companies, allowing them to operate in a completely autonomous and objective manner. You can thus always count on an impartial solution. What’s more, you can also choose which expert and lawyer to appoint.

Specialised case managers and legal advisers will do everything necessary to arrive at a solution. They always start by checking whether an amicable settlement is on the cards. If necessary, your case will go to court, with your legal aid insurance covering the cost of your own lawyer’s fees, the expertise and court costs.

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