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Sailing is a joy
Security at sea

A good captain is a responsible captain. And certainly when there’s danger of something going wrong. With the right insurance, custom tailored to your passion, you can have full peace of mind. Forget your worries and sail away: this is the true joy of your hobby. Say goodbye to anxieties. Enjoy your boat and your holiday, stress-free.

Choose the insurance policy that suits you best


Civil Liability Insurance

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Comprehensive insurance

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Legal aid insurance

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Personal accident cover for passengers

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Voor elk type pleziervaartuig specifieke voorwaarden

In onderstaande tabel kan u nagaan waar u op moet letten wanneer u op zoek bent naar een gepaste verzekering. Elk type pleziervaartuig heeft behoefte aan een op speciaal voor het pleziervaartuig voorziene polis. Ziet u door de golven de zee niet meer? Vraag dan advies aan één van onze specialisten.

  • Specific terms & conditions of insurance policies for sailing boats/yachts

    If you intend to undertake a major sailing trip, you should always inform us on time so we can check together with you whether you are insured everywhere you go.
    Are you a competitive sailor? Please note that insurance companies distinguish between club and class competitions.

    Here too we are happy to help you make the right choice.

    More info on our sailboat insurance page

  • Specific terms & conditions of motorboat insurance

    Need to transport your sloop, speedboat, RIB or motor yacht with a trailer? We can cover this under the comprehensive insurance policy for your vessel. The Civil Liability insurance for your trailer must always be included in the insurance policy for the towing vehicle. If you have opted for comprehensive boat insurance, you are also insured against 'theft', provided that the necessary prevention measures were taken, including a wheel clamp and drawbar lock.

    More info on our motor boot insurance page

  • Specific terms & conditions of jet ski insurance

    To insure your jet ski you must fulfil three requirements:

    • Minimum age of 18 years.
    • Your jet ski must be fitted with a dead man’s switch
    • You must have a valid boat license

    You can extend your Civil Liability with comprehensive insurance if your jet ski is less than 4 years old. Theft is also covered by this comprehensive insurance. You must however comply with the anti-theft measures for this: one of the requirements includes the installation of a Track and Trace system (with control room). We can also insure the liability of a water skier or wakeboarder if your jet ski has 3 seats.

    More information on our jet ski insurance page

  • Specific terms & conditions of open sailboat and catamaran insurance

    You can insure your Optimist, Laser, Sniper, Nacra, Hobie Cat or any other type of open sailboat and catamaran with Huysman.
    Special clauses apply for races.

    Experience has shown that the chance of damage is much greater during competitions than during recreational sailing. Choosing the right, watertight insurance makes all the difference.

    More info on our open sailboat and catamaran insurance page

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