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At the mouth
of the Westerschelde

Huysman Yacht’s Dehler 38 has its own, fixed berth in the marina at Breskens, along the Zeeland Flanders coast, in the municipality of Sluis. As Breskens is on the border of Flanders, it is the perfect place to cast off for a sailing trip to France, along the Flemish coastline, through the Dutch Delta area and even the UK.

The marina at Breskens has 580 berths and another 100 moorings for boats that are passing through. We can hoist or lower our sails in the spacious fishing port, next to the marina. We will find ourselves at sea in no time at all, setting course for our destination.

From a single jetty to a spacious port

At the end of the forties, the provincial ferry service built a mooring in the form of a large jetty in Breskens. The first local pleasure yachts soon moored here. In 1954, the port was also given the green light to use the entire west side of the jetty. Thanks to several lavish donations, including from the Brussels Royal Yachting Club, the marina soon expanded. That same year, the first 100 berths were inaugurated. In 1994, the marina was refurbished again, ensuring that 580 motor and sailing yachts can now moor here.

Breskens, a passion for fishery and boats

Breskens is worth the trip just for its splendid marina. But the Zeeland village is also known for its beautiful lighthouse, the Risseeuw mill and the nearby picturesque beaches. Since 1953, the village has been organising a fisherman’s festival in early August. This three-day festivity caters to locals and tourists alike. Events include flea markets, fun fairs, model building shows, port swimming competitions, street theatre, performances, a ball... And let’s not forget about the election of the Fishing Queen and the Shrimping Princess. This fishing village also has a fishery museum that is worth visiting.

From Zeeland to the River Thames

With Huysman Yacht, you can set off for one day, one weekend, a midweek or a full week. Depending on how much time you have, we can sail to Cadzand, Bruges or in Zeeland waters, such as the Westerschelde, the Oosterschelde, Haringvliet and Veerse Meer. Amsterdam and Dover are also possible. And if you charter our yacht for a week, you can even sail all the way to London. That’s right, London baby! A unique experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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