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A sailing trip with your team
or with friends or family

Sailing is the perfect activity for a well-functioning team. Raise the anchor of Huysman Yacht’s Dehler 38 and cast off for a delightful adventure. Our experienced skipper is on board to ensure your trip goes seamlessly. Unless you have Yachtman qualification and wish to charter our yacht without a skipper, which is also possible.

We start with a briefing about the do’s and don’ts on board. We review a number of agreements to ensure everyone is safe throughout the trip. We then chart our course, calculate the set and drift and set off. We all join in the raising and hoisting of the sails in the outer harbour. Once we have the wind in our sails, and the yacht is heeling, you will feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. You will enjoy the healthy tension, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face. The horizon is already beckoning in the distance.

Everyone gets to steer the boat and take the lead over the team. You give instructions to your team and prepare everything to change tack. Time to change tack, setting course for our destination. We adapt the sail area and hit cruising speed. The yacht cuts through the waves. Everyone is having a great time.

After mooring, we kick back in the cockpit, rinsing the salt from our lips with a glass of sparkling wine. Time to share some wild tales as the sun sets and night falls. If you want, you can also book a barbecue in the yacht club.

A regatta for daredevils

Are you organising an incentive and do you want to take a larger group on a sailing trip? In that case we can organise a small regatta with several boats. The various yachts compete with each other in a fun race, trying to outdo each other and taking the wind out of each other’s sails. Afterwards, we have time to relax together over dinner and drinks.

With or without a skipper

Have you always dreamt of sailing your own boat one day? Why not get behind the wheel of our Dehler 38 under the supervision of an experienced skipper? If you already have experience sailing a cabin yacht at sea and have Yachtman qualification or equivalent, you can also choose our bareboat formula (chartering the yacht without a skipper). This puts you in charge of this luxurious sailing yacht, enabling you to leave the port without a skipper.

Our Dehler 38 has everything you need

The Dehler 38 is the first Dehler to be built by the Hanse Group, i.e., by real sailors. This vessel seamlessly combines luxury with user-friendliness for an unrivalled performance. This sailing yacht is perfectly suited to families, small groups of friends or teams and is considered one of the faster cruisers. The Dehler 38 was named the European Performance Cruiser of the Year and 2014 Boat of the Year.

From Zeeland to the River Thames

With Huysman Yacht, you can set off for one day, one weekend, a midweek or a full week. Depending on how much time you have, we can sail to Cadzand, Bruges or in Zeeland waters, such as the Westerschelde, the Oosterschelde, Haringvliet and Veerse Meer. Amsterdam and Dover are also possible. And if you charter our yacht for a week, you can even sail all the way to London. That’s right, London baby! A unique experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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